Chalet Martina

22 - 35 People
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People 22 - 35
Bedrooms 11
Bathrooms 8
Total living area 350
Customer rating
6,0 2 ratings
Classification 3/5


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Spacious chalet with private sauna, centrally located in Pitztal

  • sauna (private)

General description

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6,0 Rating 
Based on 2 ratings
Reception on site 8,5
Location of the accommodation 8,5
Comfort / furnishing 4,5
Hygiene / cleaning 6,0
Facilities in and around the accommodation 6,0
Price / quality ratio 6,0
Overall rating 6,0
5,0 February 2022

In need of renovation, especially inside - defective ventilation, chairs and tables soon fall apart, sockets not properly secured, missing door handles, mattresses very used and hard, unfortunately the list can be continued. Shopping facilities far away, only 1 bakery in town. Location as described, ski bus easily accessible. Very friendly landlords and have even fulfilled our extra request for a barbecue. If the shortcomings are still removed, it is a top house with plenty of space. And if you close 1-2 eyes and do not pay so much attention to comfort / equipment (and no small babies), you can stand it well.

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Reception on site 9
Location of the accommodation 9
Comfort / furnishing 2
Hygiene / cleaning 4
Facilities in and around the accommodation 4
Price / quality ratio 7
Overall rating 5
7,0 March 2019

Reception on site 8
Location of the accommodation 8
Comfort / furnishing 7
Hygiene / cleaning 8
Facilities in and around the accommodation 8
Price / quality ratio 5
Overall rating 7

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Chalet Martina (22 - 35 pers.)

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