Chalet Bauernhaus Wilhelm

14 - 16 People

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People 14 - 16
Bedrooms 8
Bathrooms 5
Total living area 250 m²
Customer rating
7,3 Good 3 ratings


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Stars are awarded based on the following criteria: interior, appearance, square footage, location, state of repair, etc. The number of stars awarded ranges from 1 to 5.

A former farmer house, 2km from the centre of Längenfeld

  • catering possible
  • pets allowed
  • fireplace / wood stove

General description



Ratings 7,3 RatingsRating: Good
, based on 3 ratings

Reception on site 8,0
Location of the accommodation 6,7
Comfort / furnishing 7,0
Hygiene / cleaning 7,0
Facilities in and around the accommodation 7,0
Price / quality ratio 6,3
Overall rating 7,3
7,0 March 2018

The bedrooms were all spacious. There was sufficient plumbing. The device is dated. Kitchen small with zn 16 and then really the dining room must be available. The containers were also overcrowded. Means that they had not been emptied for some time.

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Reception on site 8
Location of the accommodation 6
Comfort / furnishing 6
Hygiene / cleaning 6
Facilities in and around the accommodation 7
Price / quality ratio 8
Overall rating 7
8,0 December 2014

Beautiful classic Austrian house (property) with many bedrooms and bathrooms and a cozy living room. Location wise perfectly situated (15 minutes drive) compared Slden. Home run extremely likeable manager.

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Reception on site 9
Location of the accommodation 7
Comfort / furnishing 8
Hygiene / cleaning 8
Facilities in and around the accommodation 7
Price / quality ratio 5
Overall rating 8
7,0 December 2013

Spacious house, but dated decor. Village is fine, but just drive to the slopes. Furthermore, a number of leaks in 2 showers, and a lamp in the hall that the first days not worked. Guidance by manager, Michael, very enjoyable.

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Reception on site 7
Location of the accommodation 7
Comfort / furnishing 7
Hygiene / cleaning 7
Facilities in and around the accommodation 7
Price / quality ratio 6
Overall rating 7

Prices & availability

Chalet Bauernhaus Wilhelm (14 - 16 pers.)

The rates for this accommodation are not yet known. Please contact us so that we can check the rate for you.

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Catering Service (3)

Catering Service

If you are looking for a carefree ski holiday, then catering service is an absolute must. The chalet staff takes care of the meals, does the dishes and cleans the common areas of the chalet. The chalet staff usually works in the ski resort during the whole winter season.

The day starts with an extensive breakfast. After the skiing something yummy will be prepared for you, like a homemade cake or a cheese board. In the evening you can enjoy a freshly cooked three course dinner, accompanied by a glass of wine.

The service is provided by the chalet staff, who makes sure that the living room is clean and cosy during your stay. The staff doesn´t live in the chalet and has one day per week off. On this day, they will provide fresh bread and make sure all breakfast supplies are available in the chalet. Because of the planning, it is possible that the day off is scheduled for the last evening and the last morning. The day off will be communicated during your stay.

What's included?

7 x Extensive breakfast (of which once self-service); fresh bread from the local bakery, croissants, chocolate rolls, eggs, yoghurt, various cereals, various sweet and savoury sandwich fillings, fruit, juices, milk, coffee and tea.
5 x Afternoon snack; enjoy both savoury and sweet snacks, freshly prepared by the staff each day.
6 x Dinner; 3-course meal consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert. The dishes are internationally oriented, whilst using local products and specialities. Both white and red wine is offered with the meal (ca. half a bottle per person) and there’s tea or coffee after the meal.

Wine is the only alcoholic beverage that is served. If you don’t like to drink wine, the staff can provide an alternative to your preference to accompany the meals, when noted in good time. The wine (or alternative) will only be served during dinner, any other drinks you are allowed to bring yourself. Or you can choose to book our Drinks included upgrade.

Packed lunches can also be added to your booking for an additional fee. The staff will provide extra bread and sandwich filling so sandwiches can be made to enjoy on the slopes later that day.

Upon arrival our chalet staff will welcome you in the chalet and it will be possible to discuss the desired serving times of the meals and the day that the chalet staff is off. To ensure breakfast can be served on time and they can arrange any other preparations for the meals, they receive their own key of the chalet.

Vegetarian and special diet meals are also available but must be requested when booking the catering service. Additional preferences can also be specified, and will be carried out if possible.

Please note: due to the limited availability of catering staff, catering service is always upon request.
It may happen that the price of catering service changes during the season, or that providing catering service is no longer possible in a specific week. The moment the catering service is confirmed to you, the price is fixed and there is staff appointed to you. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel catering service.

So if you want to enjoy catering service, we recommend you to arrange this immediately when you book your holiday.
Catering is always booked for the whole chalet. For children up until 2 years old no costs will be charged, as there will be provided no meals for them. For children from 3 up to 9 years old are reduced rate will be charged.
Catering Service Adults (at least 8 participants)
Catering Service Adults (min. 10 participants)
€ 295,00
Catering Service children 3 up to 9 years
Extended Catering (3)

Extended Catering

When booking our catering service, it is possible to add supplements to your booking. These supplements can only be added per group.

Packed lunches:
Don't want to have lunch in a busy restaurant on the pistes, but rather eat some sandwiches in any given place with a breathtaking view? Then add our packed lunches upgrade. The chalet staff provides everything necessary to put together a packed lunch to have on the slopes during your holiday and also for the day you travel back home (7 days in total).
The packed lunch includes:
- 2 sandwiches (with filling of choice)
- Bottle of fruit juice, water or soft drink
- Energy bar, chocolate bar or piece of fruit

Drinks included:
Want to arrive at your holiday destination totally carefree and without driving uphill with heavy bottles in your car? Then add this catering upgrade to your booking. The chalet staff will make sure that various drinks are available during your stay in the chalet (to reasonable extent). These are the drinks that can be provided:
- Coffee and tea
- Various fruit juices
- Various soft drinks
- Beer
- White and red wine


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