Ski Adults

The advantages:
- You will rent equipment for 7 days but will only pay for 6 days.
- You will pay an attractive price which is much lower than renting it on the spot.
- The equipment is regularly maintained and entirely prepared at purchase.
- If you are not pleased with your equipment, it is not a problem to switch.

Equipment per level:
The equipment is devided into several categories, depending on experience and wishes of the customer.

- Category Bronze (Eco): beginner without experience; standard models; well maintained and professionally adjusted.

- Category Silver (Evolution): the beginner and the intermediate skiers with some weeks of experience; newer models of skis and shoes; choice from several models of carving skis.

- Category Gold (Sensation): the experienced skier; the newer top models of skis and shoes; possibility to switch from equipment during the week (choice from available equipment).

- Category Excellent (Excellence): the advanced and demanding skier; the newest models of skis and shoes; optional to change material(type) during the week (choice from available material).

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