Information regarding the Coronavirus

Update: April 3rd, 17.00h

We at follow all developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely. We totally understand that our customers worry and have questions. We are working hard to keep our website up to date and inform all of our customers. As soon as new information reaches us, we will update this page.

Holidays with arrival on March 14th
Unfortunately all holidays with arrival on March 14th 2020, have been interrupted during the week. We will inform the main booker by email about the handling of the cancelled holiday.

Holidays with arrival from March 15th
Unfortunately had to decide that, during the rest of this winterseason 2019/2020, nobody should travel to their destination. We regret to inform you that you won't be able to go in case your holiday was planned during this period.

How to get informed about the consequences of these measures regarding your holiday?
We totally understand you would like to know more right now. We would like to emphasise that we do everything we can to give you more clarity as soon as possible. We aim at limiting the consequences for everybody involved and we try to keep control of the situation. We cooperate with authorities, ski lift companies and accommodation partners to achieve this.

Right now we are working hard on informing all of our customers who are affected by these measures. We will contact the main booker of your booking. Meanwhile we ask you kindly only to contact us in case of an emergency. This will allow us to handle the situation in the best way possible. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For further information, please look at the most frequently asked questions below.

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What is a “Corona Voucher”?
You booked a trip that could not be continued because of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances due to the Corona virus. Since the holiday hasn’t been continued, we want to ensure that you don’t lose the money of your holiday. You will receive a “Corona Voucher”, for which the SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund) guarantees.
What is the value of the “Corona Voucher”?
The value is equal to the travel sum of your cancelled booking. This amount will also be mentioned on the “Corona Voucher” that will be sent to the main booker by email.
Can provide a "Corona Voucher" instead of a refund of the travel sum in cash?
Yes, that's possible. Given the exceptional circumstances surrounding this crisis, we believe that this solution in the form of a voucher is a reasonable and appropriate solution. The voucher was developed by the ANVR and is covered by the SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund). The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has acknowledged the Voucher and The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) also followed the composition of the attached conditions. If the Corona voucher has not been (fully) redeemed before the expiry of the validity period (1 year after issue), will approach the main booker to pay the remaining value of the Corona voucher.
Can I transfer my voucher to another person?
The Corona voucher is registered and strictly personal. Transfer of the voucher is only possible to a participant traveller who is mentioned in the original booking and on base of the condition that this is announced to in advance.
What does the SGR have to do with the "Corona Voucher"? is a registered participant of SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund). In accordance with the board decision of March 16, 2020, the Corona voucher is covered by the guarantee scheme of the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR). This means that in case of bankruptcy, your unused 'Corona voucher' will be reimbursed by the SGR.
How can I redeem my "Corona voucher"?
We are currently working hard on a technical safe solution. In the very short term we will inform the main booker how to redeem the voucher.
What if the travel sum of my new booking is lower than the value of the “Corona Voucher”?
When the new booking is lower than the amount on the “Corona voucher”, you will keep a residual amount with which you can book additional options and / or book another trip within the validity period of the voucher. The remaining amount can be checked via "My Booking".
What if the travel sum of my new booking is higher than the value of the “Corona Voucher”?
When the new booking is higher than the amount on the “Corona voucher”, you will need to pay the difference.
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